The Future of Lock Systems

Humanity uses traditional locks for thousands of years. Today’s world is a bit different from what it was even 10 years ago, let alone thousands of years. Our pockets and bags are filled with different gadgets. And this tendency has already reached the locks. Even now, there exist locks, which can be opened with the help of your smartphone. What is waiting for us in the future?

Electronic and smart locks are becoming more popular and are widely used not only in offices and governmental buildings, but also in people’s homes. Modern electronic locks can be opened with a card, a fingerprint or a button. Smart locks went forward; they can be opened via Bluetooth of your smartphone or Wi-Fi. They both may be opened automatically as you approach the house. There are even models, which differentiate the people coming to your house when you are away. They send a message on the smartphone telling who has come to your home.

Types of lock

The most progressive companies develop new types of locks, which outstrip the time. We are almost sure to get the keyless future. The locks of the future will open with the help of our voice or just seeing our face.

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Some lock companies develop projects that will let you synchronize their products with Apple smartphone tools that will enable Siri to unlock the door of your house. Others offer a touch panel supporting 250 different codes opening the door. Due to this function, the homeowner has full data about the people entering his property as everyone has his own code. There also exist locks, which can be opened distantly with the help of the Internet connection. Besides, they are equipped with video fixation, which you can also control via Internet connection.

Certain projects are developed to connect your home appliances with the lock. The principle of work is very simple. Whenever you open the door, you can make the lights on or even your coffee machine turn on automatically. It may become a part of the so-called smart home.

It’s hard to imagine that somebody can invent a locking system that will be more progressive than they are now. Anyway, there were times when nobody believed that you can talk and see a person, who is on the other side of the world, but it’s a reality today. The same with locks; today we’ve got bunches of keys but may be in several years we’ll have only a smartphone in our pocket.