What is a Locksmith?

Locksmith is a person, who deals with locks, keys and door hardware. However, is it a full description of this profession? Do modern locksmith stay in historical frames of their occupation? Of course, no. Today`s locksmiths not only know how to install or repair a lock, they can professionally consult you on the latest security tendencies and security systems.

Every certified locksmith is rigorously trained to work with any type of the lock, including:

  • Keypad locks;
  • Biometric locks;
  • Combination locks (both electronic and mechanical);
  • Traditional key locks (Scandinavian locks, sash locks, deadbolt locks, mortise locks and lots of others).

Like people of many other professions, locksmith also have specialization. They may be keen on:

  1. Commercial locksmith services;
  2. Residential;
  3. Automotive services.

Every branch of the occupation needs special knowledge concerning kinds of locks used in this or that sphere, ways of opening the specified lock without the key and of course the peculiarities of installation of modern security systems. Hence, the work of a locksmith demands not only being skillful, but also constant growth and learning of the latest developments. Otherwise, a locksmith may just stay without work.

Locksmith Services

Depending on the locksmiths` specialization, they provide different services. Commercial locksmiths work with:

  • Office lockouts;
  • Installation of different fire security door hardware (door closers, panic bars, electric strikes);
  • Installation and maintenance of video surveillance and master key systems.
  • Setting of all types of electronic locks (keypad, biometric, Bluetooth and RFID locks).

Residential services include:

  • Home lockouts;
  • Burglary damage repair;
  • All kinds of key services (duplication, replacement, rekeying, key cutting, key extraction);
  • Installation of additional security hardware (peepholes, latch guards, bars);
  • Installation and repair of mailbox locks, fence gate locks, custom locks, and deadbolt locks;
  • Setting and replacement of doors (both interior and exterior).

Auto locksmiths are called when there is:

  • A car lockout;
  • A trunk lockout or;
  • Locked keys.

In addition, a reputable locksmith can give you some advice concerning the security of your home or office. They see the weaknesses of the building and may offer you different ways out of the situation. The solutions may be quite cheap or rather expensive. Everything depends on your financial abilities. Anyway, a real professional will offer only reliable methods of increasing the safety no matter if they are pricey or not.
Now you know more about the people, who stand guard over our security. Hope you will be able to appreciate their job.